Ursa Minor Project**

The Ursa Minor Project

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The Ursa Minor project is a current on-going side project of mine. Tim Johnson & Konstantine Pope began working together whilst studying at the Royal College of Music in the heart of London under the guidance of veteran film composer Francis Shaw (amongst others). With a combined portfolio spanning multiple genres, including Bollywood & British feature films, a plethora of shorter award winning films, AAA games and TV adverts, the two composers embarked on the idea of putting on together an ambitious live show, blending all of their skills and knowledge together to create something altogether innovative and new.

I am currently heading up creative director on all the shows Visuals, which has given me lots of scope to do some pretty cool visuals to accompany what will be an epic concert consisting of a full orchestra, electric DJ/synths and a rock band, performed live in front of a cinema projection.

please follow us on Facebook, we would love to hear some feedback and any support is highly appreciated  its going to be an epic show but we need all the help we can to get it to the standard we want. check out the 3 minute taster what Tim and Konstantine have put together as well as a very brief overview of the visuals yet to accompany. We have ALOT of stuff but we will only show our cards if there is a high demand for it so spread the word!

thanks so much



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